Markus Enzinger

Markus Enzinger photo

Dr. Markus Enzinger
studied business and art history. Since 2003, he has been the controlling director and officer of the Universal Museum Joanneum in Graz. The Joanneum Universal Museum is considered the biggest of its kind in Central Europe. About 4,5 million items in the collections form the basis of a richly faceted ‘universal’ exhibition and events schedule. A program of exhibitions and events at twelve locations throughout Styria transmit a unique panorama of science, art and culture.

Markus teaches at the University Graz, the University of Applied Sciences in Graz and the Fachhochschule Joanneum. His research and work areas include Business Valuation and Value-Based Management, Balanced Scorecard, Strategic Controlling, Integrated Business Planning, Management Information Systems, nonprofit management, E –learning.

For clearly culture, Markus will perform workshops to the topic:
Planning for Cultural Projects and Enterprises