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With my platform of fellow experts and docents, I offer tailored intercultural competence and social inclusion programs developed for the challenging situation of new migrants seeking peace and happiness in Europe. We successfully have been working for many years already on promoting common European values and helping different cultures understand and respect each other. Our programs always include local partners and address communities, UNO, IOM, as well as national governments.


audience development program

In cooperation with the Styrian Government, we led a high profile events audience development
Audience Development Program, consisting of an intense workshop,
a ‘Strategy Marathon; and the ‘Open House
to empower the cultural workers in the Austrian region of Styria.


The Successful European Project
‘The Successful EU Project’ a Program in co-operation with the Styrian Government. projects-EU project
Our team of experts and docents has developed and lead the innovative program for artists
and cultural workers aiming at planning, creating, applying for and
performing a meaningful European Union Project.


Forum Sofia

forum sofia
In 2008, the Mayor of Sofia intended to pass a construction plan that would have destroyed the historical town city in favor of skyscrapers business centers. The pass was planned totally without the opinion and participation of the citizens and inhabitants.
We founded Forum Sofia, a platform for committed citizens that initiated protests. We involved the European Union and we published articles and interviews in influential media Bulgaria and Austria. In consequence, the plan was given up, at least for now.

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Inclusion of Roma and Sinti

Wir sind gegen das Wort Zigeuner - Foto by Lisa schatz

Since 2010, as member of the board of the organization Voice of Diversity dedicated to diversity in Europe I participate in the activity named: Ich bin gegen das Wort ‘Zigeuner‘ ‚I Am Against the Word Gipsy‘

The word ‘Zigeuner‘ has been used to insult and discriminate Roma and Sinti and is still widely applied as a pejorative. The majority of the affiliated ethnic groups do not identify with. They insist on their right to choose their designation and be called ‘Roma and Sinti’

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In Bulgarian children’s homes the living situation of orphans, children coming from families who cannot afford taking care of them and children with special need is beyond description and any European standard.

Apart from the children being left without family, without any educational and professional perspective, they live under scandalous conditions –without any hygiene and also without food. Often, they starve.
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Cystic Fibrosis

For 2014, we are planning awareness and fund raising events in Europe around Cystic Fibrosis.

Cystic Fibrosis is a wide spread inherited chronic disease that affects the lungs of children and adults. A defective gene causes the body to produce more salt and a thick mucus that clogs the lungs and leads to life-threatening infections…

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