Inclusion of Roma and Sinti

Wir sind gegen das Wort Zigeuner - Foto by Lisa schatz

Since 2010, as member of the board of the organization Voice of Diversity dedicated to diversity in Europe I participate in the activity named: Ich bin gegen das Wort ‘Zigeuner‘ ‚I Am Against the Word Gipsy‘

The word ‘Zigeuner‘ has been used to insult and discriminate Roma and Sinti and is still widely applied as a pejorative. The majority of the affiliated ethnic groups do not identify with. They insist on their right to choose their designation and be called ‘Roma and Sinti’

We organized a photo session where artists, activists, politicians, citizens, were photographed with the protest and, in doing so, promoted solidarity and tolerance.

The activity has the well-known jazz musician of Roma origin, Harri Stojka , as its frontman and provoked a lot of controversy and sympathy.