Project Planning    LECTURE / WORKSHOP


In socio-cultural project management, the two major creative forces come together and must collude – fantasy and order. Often the same person or team has to perform in both aspects with equal excellence. Therefore, it is good to know how success is to be planned.
We approach the project from a holistic point of view – the project is not a single, ephemeral event, but an undertaking that has to fit into, and endorse, your career. Project management is the skillful organizing of the four resources: ideas, time, money, and team.

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The Sponsor Quest    LECTURE / WORKSHOP


Myths, hopes and prejudice flank the topic of culture sponsorship. Projects of the cultural, educational and social nature often diverge from being a great idea and end up brooding over financing. In these times of increasing competitiveness and reduced public funding it is crucial to have the knowledge and skills to obtain sustainable sponsoring partnerships.

In this workshop, we broach the topic of sponsorship from the most relevant perspective – that of the sponsor. We learn to analyze our project, emphasizing its strengths and transforming its weaknesses. We explore those necessary components, addressing the ‘Sponsor Concept’ and draft a description that demonstrates how our project is attractive, professional, and unique.

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Cultural Marketing    LECTURE / WORKSHOP

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Marketing is one aspect of project management that is most often misinterpreted, being reduced to only one of its components – promotion. It is a fascinating tool that must be applied from the beginning. Together we will reveal this adventurous path to the market.

Marketing is all about identifying solid target groups discovering the appropriate means of communicating with them. We learn how to formulate an attractive and clear message to extract the most important characteristics of our project – those that make it unique.

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