Boot Camp

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The Boot Camp is the closest you can get to project management reality without losing your money, nerves and friends. In the Boot Camp, we cover all the topics of International Cultural Management while dealing with problems that can and will arise in your future work in project management: such as time and money shortage, intercultural and team conflicts, difficult co-operation partners, reluctant audience and the best – unforeseen mishaps, at least unforeseen by you.

We all work best when we are challenged, and this is what you will be provided with, reasonable challenge and less reasonable, but usual pressure. The Boot Camp takes place both, day and night, indoors and outdoors, with workshop team members and external partners, with and without breakfast.

Only for participants who are serious about the job, but do not mind fun either.

As an output, you will take away with you:

  • The Script to remind you of the material in case you ever forget, which you will not
  • Sponsoring concept, marketing plan, advertising offer, press portfolio
  • Negotiation guideline and experience
  • Photos of yourself showing you stressed and then happy
  • Set up, checked out and discussed strategy for troubleshooting
  • Potential friends and partners for common future projects
  • Self-confidence and motivation

The Boot Camp is held in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian or Bulgarian and, if necessary so, in all these languages at the same time.

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