US Universities Speaker’s Tour March and April 2017
Leonie Hodkevitch undertook a Speaker’s Tour
to the topics ‘Social Justice Through Culturenew-us speakers tour
and ‘Global Projects’ with lectures
in George Mason University (Arlington, Virginia),
Winthrop University (Rock Hill, South Carolina),
Indiana University (Bloomington, Indiana),
West New England University (Springfield, Massachusetts),
University of Massachusetts (Amherst, Massachusetts)


University of Vienna Certificate Course ‘Cultural Management’new-new-University course
Leonie Hodkevitch is the author and leader of the new international
cultural and social management course at the University of Vienna,
a compact and highly intense competence building and hands on program
with innovative curriculum such as ‘Living City’ and ‘Global Conversation’

Cultural Management CERTIFICATE COURSE


Audience Development Program
In February and March 2017, Clearly Culture lead a high profile new-audience development
Audience Development Program consisting of an intense workshop,
a ‘Strategy Marathon; and the ‘Open House
to empower the cultural workers in the Austrian region of Styria,
in collaboration with the Styrian Government.