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European Project    WORKSHOP / LECTURE

THE SUCCESSFUL EUROPEAN PROJECT When people speak of submitting an EU project, they often throw their hands up in despair. A lot of effort, bureaucracy and improbability of success are associated with this great institution for funding social, cultural and educational projects. A small portion of the proposals makes it to the shortlist. The EU… Read more »


THE SUCCESSFUL EUROPEAN PROJECT In the coaching or team training to this topic, we will access your particular project or projects, evaluate how well they fit the guidelines of the European programs and formulate a genuine European project. My advocation, support and supervision comprises: Orientation in EU program complexities Project description from a European jury’s… Read more »

The Sponsor Quest    LECTURE / WORKSHOP

Myths, hopes and prejudice flank the topic of culture sponsorship. Projects of the cultural, educational and social nature often diverge from being a great idea and end up brooding over financing. In these times of increasing competitiveness and reduced public funding it is crucial to have the knowledge and skills to obtain sustainable sponsoring partnerships…. Read more »

Cultural Marketing    LECTURE / WORKSHOP

staging your idea © Marketing is one aspect of project management that is most often misinterpreted, being reduced to only one of its components – promotion. It is a fascinating tool that must be applied from the beginning. Together we will reveal this adventurous path to the market. Marketing is all about identifying solid target… Read more »


social inclusion The topic of social inclusion is an especially sensitive and relevant one, thus diplomatic approach and a careful analysis of the particular situation are key. The individual coaching comprises: Briefing with you and/or your team prior to the coaching Background information on the countries and cultures of origin Change in perspective on your… Read more »

intercultural communication    workshop / lecture

A MAP OF OPPORTUNITIES © Moving to and working with a new country or culture is always linked to emotions – hope, curiosity and sometimes fear of the unknown. Cultural differences broaden our horizon and shape our business successes, when dealt with appropriately. Alternatively, they can be at the core of conflicts and failures, if… Read more »

Forum Sofia

In 2008, the Mayor of Sofia intended to pass a construction plan that would have destroyed the historical town city in favor of skyscrapers business centers. The pass was planned totally without the opinion and participation of the citizens and inhabitants. We founded Forum Sofia, a platform for committed citizens that initiated protests. We involved… Read more »

Inclusion of Roma and Sinti

Since 2010, as member of the board of the organization Voice of Diversity dedicated to diversity in Europe I participate in the activity named: Ich bin gegen das Wort ‘Zigeuner‘ ‚I Am Against the Word Gipsy‘ The word ‘Zigeuner‘ has been used to insult and discriminate Roma and Sinti and is still widely applied… Read more »


In Bulgarian children’s homes the living situation of orphans, children coming from families who cannot afford taking care of them and children with special need is beyond description and any European standard. Apart from the children being left without family, without any educational and professional perspective, they live under scandalous conditions –without any hygiene and… Read more »