Member of

AAAE             Association of Arts Administration Educators
The U.S.A. based AAAE represents college and university graduate and undergraduate programs in arts administration, while providing a forum for communication and advocating formal training and high standards of education for arts administrators.


Mentoring member of
ALMA            Alumni Mentoring Program of the University of Vienna
In ALMA, the Mentoring Program of the University of Vienna, experienced alumni help students to orientate and prepare themselves for the challenges of their future profession by sharing best practice and coaching the students on an individual basis.


Member of the board of
Az S               Architecture Center Sofia          
The Architecture Centre Sofia is a platform of architects, urban planners, journalists, and committed citizens, bridging European cultures and architectural realities. It initiates projects aiming at inclusion and sustainable urban development in Bulgaria.


Member of
Arts Management Network
The Arts Management Network provides an international network for arts and business. With its global perspective, the network is a valuable resource for academics, students, researchers, regional and national authorities, business people, and journalists.


Mentor and expert of
departure     City of Vienna’s Agency for the Creative Industries
departure addresses creative professionals with the aim to create an economically sustainable basis for Vienna’s creative professionals and supports outstanding achievements in the fields of the creative industries.


Expert of
EACEA          Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Commission                       
EACEA is responsible for the management of the European Union’s programs in the fields of education, culture and audiovisual. It draws up guidelines, evalues applications, selecting projects, and contribution to European Knowledge and expertise.


Individual member of
ENCATC      European Network on Cultural Management and Cultural Policy        
ENCATC is the leading European network on Cultural Management and Cultural Policy education. It is a lively platform encouraging exchange of knowledge, methodologies, and experiences, while fostering co-operation with networks worldwide.


Mentor of
Mentoring for Migrants                Austrian Economic Chambers WKO  
The Austrian Economic Chambers represent over 400.000 companies. The program Mentoring for Migrants aims at encouraging diversity in Austrian business. Successful professionals support migrants to establish on the local job market.


Member of
Reporters Without Borders        RSF
Since 1985, Reporters Without Borders is committed for freedom and press freedom. It provides material, financial and psychological aid to journalists assigned to dangerous areas and has consultant status at the United Nations and UNESCO.