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Marketing is one aspect of project management that is most often misinterpreted, being reduced to only one of its components – promotion. It is a fascinating tool that must be applied from the beginning. Together we will reveal this adventurous path to the market.

Marketing is all about identifying solid target groups discovering the appropriate means of communicating with them. We learn how to formulate an attractive and clear message to extract the most important characteristics of our project – those that make it unique.

Through puzzling out an intriguing analysis we catalogue the project’s layers in order to understand and improve upon them. Differentiating between product, prize, placement and promotion is essential to avoiding major mishaps when establishing your project.

‘Market’ stops being an abstract concept with anonymous people – we slip into the role of our target groups and adopt their views. This enables us to better communicate the content of our projects to our audience, raise the correct expectations and then fulfill them.

Additionally, we discuss the notion of ‘brand’ and exercise ‘re-branding’. Special attention is paid to fresh and alternative marketing methods that are cost-effective and at the same time powerful, such as viral marketing, guerilla marketing, arts ambassadors and friends’ groups.

You will spend an unforgettable time, while receiving deep insight into you and your colleagues’ projects, looking at them from different aspects and broadening your perception. You will be prepared for the changing challenges of the market and take with you:

  • The Script with an in-depth extension of the material
  • Definition of target groups
  • Analysis of the project from a marketing point of view
  • A Marketing plan



The best approach to marketing is an individual one – the more you specify your marketing concept according to the requirements of your project, your particular goals and your audience groups, the more efficient it will be.

In the individual or team coaching, we set up the marketing plan, discuss your goals, ask the helpful questions and find measures for your marketing challenges. We look at your project/product from the perspective of different target groups and stake holders. In the end, you will have a sound marketing concept including:

  • Audience analysis
  • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within the project marketing
  • A Marketing plan
  • Strategy for introducing / maintaining your product on the market
  • Promotional ideas
  • Special and innovative marketing strategies for your project
  • Networking tool kit

Workshops as well as coachings can be held in English, German, French, Russian, Bulgarian, or Spanish.

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