The Sponsor Quest    LECTURE / WORKSHOP


Myths, hopes and prejudice flank the topic of culture sponsorship. Projects of the cultural, educational and social nature often diverge from being a great idea and end up brooding over financing. In these times of increasing competitiveness and reduced public funding it is crucial to have the knowledge and skills to obtain sustainable sponsoring partnerships.

In this workshop, we broach the topic of sponsorship from the most relevant perspective – that of the sponsor. We learn to analyze our project, emphasizing its strengths and transforming its weaknesses. We explore those necessary components, addressing the ‘Sponsor Concept’ and draft a description that demonstrates how our project is attractive, professional, and unique.

Establishing a sponsoring partnership includes researching who the sponsor is and what is important to the enterprise. We train to discover the sponsor’s corporate values and goals, merging them with ours. Together, we go over the process of contacting a company and the different stages required to convince them.

Through an entertaining simulation scenario with maximum semblance to the actual situation and especially designed to meet your needs, we exercise negotiating with the sponsor. We scrutinize our behavior, deduce, evaluate and discuss best practices. Upon completing this role play you will be perfectly prepared for the challenges of the sponsor quest.

Consequently, you will be equally armed for those traps, errors, misunderstandings and
situational conflicts that can naturally occur in these settings. You will feel secure and
competent while having a memorable experience together.
Furthermore you will take with you the following precious materials:

  • The Script to remind you of the most important information
  • Competitive sponsoring concept
  • Advertising offer which the sponsor cannot deny
  • Detailed negotiation guideline



The individual coaching – or team training for a bigger group – offers tailored assistance for you and your project. We take off with a briefing, carefully analyzing your starting point and goals and then work together through the ‘Sponsor Concept’, concrete sponsors and the special offer for them. We train the negotiation, discuss the development of the the sponsoring process, find solutions to possible problems that might come up. I accompany you throughout the process until the successful end and beyond.

The agenda comprises the following achievements:

  •  Unique sponsoring concept
  •  Advertising offer which the sponsor cannot resist
  •  List of potential sponsors
  •  Background on the targeted companies
  •  Commonalities between you and the sponsor
  •  Negotiation guideline
  •  Negotiation training for the various companies
  •  Feedback and mentoring
  •  Problem solving and resolution
  •  Consultation on relationship management with the sponsor

Workshops as well as coaching can be held in English, German, French, Russian, Bulgarian, or Spanish.

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