European Project    WORKSHOP / LECTURE


When people speak of submitting an EU project, they often throw their hands up in despair. A lot of effort, bureaucracy and improbability of success are associated with this great institution for funding social, cultural and educational projects. A small portion of the proposals makes it to the shortlist. The EU application process has its special challenges.

In this workshop, we analyze the requirements of the EU programs as a whole and selected programs in particular. We learn to interpret and meet the expectations of the European Commission for the awarded projects, to understand their usefulness, and furthermore, to plan a European project from its initial idea to its successful realization.
More than any other project, an EU project is based upon the collaboration of a variety of partners.The well-functioning partnership is the heartbeat of an EU project and decisive in its success or failure.

With the European project, we invite and involve the partners from the start and the partnership
runs threadlike through the each stage of the project.

We exercise filtering the appropriate partners, developing a project concept along with them. That is, how to bundle the activities of the individual partners to homogeneous ‘Working Packages’. We train how to organize a harmonious partnership, manage common time-frames and resources, plan common promotion and present all of this in the proposal.

Through a compelling simulation scenario with a maximum semblance to the actual situation especially
designed to meet your project needs, we practice the creation and application of an EU project.

You will be familiar with the program and prepared to communicate your project from a European perspective.
You will take with you:

  • Brief script to maintain focus
  • Project description
  • Applicability to the program
  • Guidelines to finding partners
  • Working packages
  • Outline of time and finance management
  • Special: Map of the programs

Workshops/lectures are held in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian or Bulgarian.


In the coaching or team training to this topic, we will access your particular project or projects,
evaluate how well they fit the guidelines of the European programs and formulate a genuine European project.
My advocation, support and supervision comprises:

  • Orientation in EU program complexities
  • Project description from a European jury’s point of view
  • Elaborated target groups

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