intercultural communication    workshop / lecture


Moving to and working with a new country or culture is always linked to emotions – hope, curiosity and sometimes fear of the unknown. Cultural differences broaden our horizon and shape our business successes, when dealt with appropriately. Alternatively, they can be at the core of conflicts and failures, if not treated properly. In the unknown is the opportunity.

In our intercultural workshop we learn to identify commonalities and differences between our own culture and the target cultures.


We exercise building sound relationships with representatives of other cultures, based on our common characteristics, while respecting the cultural differences, thus avoiding and channeling problems that may occur accordingly.

We come to better know our culture and how others see us, dealing in depth and detail with the target culture. Through pictorial examples and colorful presentations of the culture or country we visualize how life exists within it, and we discover new landscapes, values, habits, valuable advices and necessary fun components such as cuisine and cultural celebrations.

A meaningful part of our workshop is reserved for the potential or actual challenges you may experience with your international team. The workshop includes also a briefing and debriefing with conclusive solutions for you. To promote constructive cooperation within groups of diverse background, I provide my workshop activity ‘The Door ©’.

Consequently, you will not only be prepared for facing a working and living reality
unlike your own, but you will have participated in an exciting journey. You will look
forward to accessing the new culture and coming to better know the world. And equally,
you will gain competence for meeting unexpected challenges. The following topics are covered:

  • Script with facts and figures
  • Insight into life in the target country
  • Toolbox for intercultural communication
  • Diversity training
  • FAQs and their answers
  • International team management guidelines

Workshops/lectures are held in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian or Bulgarian.

Advanced workshops are held for the following cultures: Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, USA and Spain.

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