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In socio-cultural project management, the two major creative forces come together and must collude – fantasy and order. Often the same person or team has to perform in both aspects with equal excellence. Therefore, it is good to know how success is to be planned.
We approach the project from a holistic point of view – the project is not a single, ephemeral event, but an undertaking that has to fit into, and endorse, your career. Project management is the skillful organizing of the four resources: ideas, time, money, and team.

Every project begins with its goal. To be sound, we develop a project idea, identify the vision and thoroughly carve these goals out. In addition, we analyze which activities will best lead to our desired outcome and define the target groups and the dialogue groups.

Realistically, management of time and money are pivotal for the performance of the project. We discover and discuss various models to do this in the very best ways. The outcome we produce a project plan that will be balanced in our well-disposed workshop group.

Through participatory exercises we meet the challenges of working in a project team. We scrutinize our behavior, deduce, evaluate and discuss best practices. Training in interactive units provide for the changes in perspective indispensable to understanding target groups.

A significant part is dedicated to the dramaturgy of an event, a topic that is underrepresented in project
management workshops.We explore how to apply the methods of drama and film to culture and business,
while having considerable enjoyment. You will take with you:

• Elaborated script
• Target and dialogue groups
• Manual for time, finances and team management
• Checklists to help you prepare the project
• Special: Dramaturgy of an event
• Project plan for staging your idea


When you need individual, in-depth development of your project or next career step, personal training is the right choice for you. Whether you are at the threshold of your idea or in a well-advanced stage of your project management, I will fetch you up at that point and we shall work out and perfect your project plan. The outcome will enable you to feel safe, prepared and animated.The definitive yield will be determined prior to the session, after we have identified your particular requirements. The pack age comprises the following achievements:

  • Project plan
  • Target and dialogue groups
  • Time plan
  • Budget calculation
  • Team related consultation
  • Problem resolution
  • Checklists that help you organize your project
  • Dramaturgy of your event
  • Itinerary for the dramaturgy

Throughout the process of the project planning I am there for you with advice,
supervision and personal advocation until its successful completion and beyond.

Workshops/coaching are held in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian or Bulgarian.

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