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social inclusion

Migration is and has been the natural human behavior throughout the ages. These days, mobility has increased significantly, resulting
in highly heterogenic societies. To overcome differences, promote tolerance and benefit from this diversity is the goal of the workshop.

Within our workshop, we will learn to identify those commonalities and differences in our country. Instead of creating opposition, ethnic, cultural, social, educational or philosophical in nature, contrasts can be approached in a sensitive and productive manner.

We exercise how to build a relationship from representatives of other cultures and how to overcome
resultant prejudices and fears. Depending upon the cultures involved, we work out facts and figures,
as well as sharing our perceptions through participatory sessions.
For groups with diverse backgrounds I provide my workshop activity ‘The Door ©’. In this original, unique, entertaining and didactic exercise you gain insight into what it means to feel a stranger. This new awareness will enable you to develop empathy and sympathy.

The workshop includes a briefing and debriefing providing conclusive solutions for you. It is suitable for both individuals and groups who have not, but will, be exposed to diversity in their lives or work, including those who may have possibly had negative experiences.

In the course of the workshop you will not only become prepared for challenging working situations, but will shift the borders of your own existence. You will gain new freedom, the freedom from prejudice. As such, you will take away knowledge on these topics:

  • Script including facts and figures
  • Insight into the country/countries of origin
  • Toolbox for intercultural communication
  • Diversity training
  • FAQs and their answers
  • Diplomatic guidelines

Workshops/lectures are held in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian or Bulgarian.

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