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Leonie Hodkevitch

Leonie Hodkevitch earned her Masters’ degrees in Social and Cultural Anthropology and Romance studies. Leonie’s fascination and commitment for cultures led to founding the NGO Clearly Culture that pursues inclusion through innovative educational programs with municipalities and ministries. Leonie is the director of the Cultural Management Postgraduate Course at the University of Vienna and on the Jury of Experts for… Read more »

fordewind architecture ltd.

Ephgenia Hodkevitch and Boris Enev are dedicated to the disclosure of existing and the creation of new spaces, as well as the processes. Their principles are critical questioning of apparently proven rules, development of solution methods and the action and interaction of architecture and urban space. In all their projects, fordewind architecture are committed to… Read more »

Morenga Hunt

As an independent consultant, Morenga Hunt provides a variety of consulting services to arts, non-profit, and commercial organizations and businesses. Morenga serves as a technical assistance consultant for multiple grant recipients of the North Carolina Arts Council, the SC Arts Commission, and Charlotte’s Arts and Sciences Council, and as an associate consultant with other consulting… Read more »

Dr. Irene Suchy

Dr. Irene Suchy lives and works in Vienna around music, driven by the longing for the beautiful tone. She studied music education, German, and cello in Vienna and Tokyo. As editor of Austria’s quality radio Ö1 she designed and facilitated formats such as ‘pastiche’, ‘Zeitton’, ‘Radiokolleg’, ‘Intrada’, ‘Journal Panorama’.

Markus Enzinger

Dr. Markus Enzinger studied business and art history. Since 2003, he has been the controlling director and officer of the Universal Museum Joanneum in Graz. The Joanneum Universal Museum is considered the biggest of its kind in Central Europe. About 4,5 million items in the collections form the basis of a richly faceted ‘universal’ exhibition… Read more »

Ljuba Batembergska

Ljuba Batembergska is a sociologist, youth and minorities expert. Ljuba graduated Political Studies at the University of Sofia and Advocacy in International Affairs in Geneva. She has been working in a number of projects for social inclusion of Roma and poverty overcoming in the most disadvantaged areas in Bulgaria as Advocacy Officer.

Monika Herzig

Monika Herzig Monika Herzig is Senior Lecturer at the University of Indiana, Bloomington. Monika holds a Doctorate in Music Education with a focus on Jazz Studies from Indiana University where she is a Senior Lecturer in Arts Administration. She teaches courses on the Music Industry, Programming, and Arts Entrepreneurship. She has developed the ‘The Jazz… Read more »

Project Planning    LECTURE / WORKSHOP

In socio-cultural project management, the two major creative forces come together and must collude – fantasy and order. Often the same person or team has to perform in both aspects with equal excellence. Therefore, it is good to know how success is to be planned. We approach the project from a holistic point of view… Read more »

European Project    WORKSHOP / LECTURE

THE SUCCESSFUL EUROPEAN PROJECT When people speak of submitting an EU project, they often throw their hands up in despair. A lot of effort, bureaucracy and improbability of success are associated with this great institution for funding social, cultural and educational projects. A small portion of the proposals makes it to the shortlist. The EU… Read more »